About POW!

Proudly made in the USA

POW! specializes in original photographic and videographic imagery of female fighters, in the form of DVDs and downloadable content.

The primary concept is to honor and respect the female fighter's most powerful weapons: her feet, which, when employed as weapons in the practice of fighting arts, present a unique opportunity to explore the powerful symbolic nature of the female foot with far greater levels of context.

Every woman has known at least one man who she'd like to corner in some retribution-friendly environment and use as her personal punching bag for an afternoon, if not a week or longer. It's a perfectly reasonable fantasy scenario: the opportunity to put on the gloves and punch the snot out of the arrogant schoolyard bully, the shiftless or cheating ex, the condescending co-worker or sexist boss, or any of the other myriad representatives of any number of patriarchal societies that seem determined to disappoint ---when not actively undermining--- the female gender as a whole.

When all evidence proves that, at the closing of the 20th century and the beginnings of the 21st, there is unquestionably an ever-escalating War on Women, arising only mere decades from the first overt attempts at female self-empowerment, it should come as no surprise that a counteroffensive should also become evident in social/cultural discourse and in its representations.

For the last decade and a half, we at POW! have been exploring our own specialized vision of an archetype from the Amazon Feminist canon. She is a priestess of Nemesis, the goddess of retribution against hubris, and a sister to the Erinyes or Furies (specifically Alecto, the female personification of violent retributionary anger).

She's a bad-ass and she likes it that way. In fact, she insists on being worshiped *because* of her aggressive, confrontational attitude. Like any other disruptive natural force, the harder she hits, the greater tribute and appeasement she demands. Hers is an iconosynthetic force, claiming both aesthetic *and* physical supremacy for herself, on her own terms. She's both Venus/Aphrodite and Minerva/Athena.

Her feet are both weapons of righteous aggression and shrines of penitent veneration. She will claim her place of triumph by her own power and take satisfaction from it. She will not be denied. She will be depicted in all her glory, and she will be worshiped in her own pantheon, in her own context.